5 of the Most Colorful Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Friday, June 24, 2016
Being an artist, or any creative really, I always find myself looking for fun inspiration. What I didn't think would be challenging, would be finding some really bright, colorful sources to jog my ideas. After a little digging I found these gems to share with you.

Studio Mucci 

This has to be one of my favorites and an absolute staple in my feed! Amina does an amazing job making her clothing and living space full of unicorn goodness. I always check her first for cool rainbow fashion finds as well.


Elora is an illustrator/ rainbow expert. One of my favorite things about her feed is she not only includes her beautiful artwork, but also her amazing rainbow baked goods. Disclaimer - You're going to want to run to your kitchen and start a flair wall all at the same time!


Kelly Mindell's feed is like heaven for a crafter! If you ever have some down time, I'd completely recommend going for one of her awesome tutorials. If you're a busy bee and don't have time for that, it's still total eye candy for anyone looking to stock your feed full of super cool stuff!

Dixie and Twine

I'll admit I bumped into Dixie and Twine feeding my confetti obsession. I haven't been following her long, but I can pretty much bet adding some of her party touches to your event (or, you know, to your home just because lol) will up our party game.

A Beautiful Mess 

You probably already have ABM in your stalk list, but if for some crazy reason you don't, now you know! :) There are so many fun tags to get involved with. Not only is this a fun feed, but you'll probably make a friend or two in their fun community!

That's it! If you have anyone you think would be awesome here or you have a colorful account yourself, feel free to share in the comments! Hope your weekend is filled with lots of fun new inspiration!

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